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Some of the hottest concrete+sustainability experts are leading The Sustainable Concrete Guides through completion:

Andrea Schokker, is the author of “The Sustainable Concrete Guide – Strategies and Examples.” She is a professor and head of the department of civil engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Previously, she served as a Henderson Professor of Civil Engineering and director of the Protective Technology Center at Pennsylvania State University.

Schokker is a member of the Board of Direction for the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and is active on many ACI committees including Joint ACI-ASCE Committee 423, Prestressed Concrete, and a subcommittee of Committee 318, Structural Concrete Building Code. She is the chair of ACI Committee 130, Sustainability of Concrete. In addition, she is active in the U.S. and internationally on professional committees of the Transportation Research Board, the Post-Tensioning Institute, the American Segmental Bridge Institute, and the Fédération Internationale du Béton (fib). She is a member of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

Schokker has received awards for both her technical contributions and her educational efforts, including the ACI Young Member Award for Professional Achievement (2004); the ACI Outstanding Educational Committee Member Award (2003); the Post-Tensioning Institute Outstanding Educator Award (2004); Penn State’s Engineering Society Outstanding Teaching Award (2004); and Penn State’s Lawrence J. Perez Student Advocate Award (2003). 

Florian Barth is chair of the U.S. Green Concrete Council (USGCC) editorial review panel and is president of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He is the founder and former president of FBA, Inc., a structural engineering firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, and Orange County, Calif., specializing in concrete structures. Barth is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience, having analyzed, designed, and evaluated more than 700 prestressed concrete structures. 

Barth is a member of numerous ACI technical committees, including ACI Committee 318, Structural Concrete Building Code, on which he has been a voting member since 1995. Barth serves on the ACI Executive Committee, ACI Foundation, International Partnerships subcommittee of the International Committee, and the Financial Advisory Committee. 

A Fellow of ACI, Barth is the recipient of several awards, including the 1996 Concrete Construction Award presented by the ACI Northern California and Western Nevada Chapter for outstanding contribution to the concrete industry, Recognition for Meritorious Civic Services Award presented by the Mayor of San Francisco, the Certificate of Merit for outstanding services from the Mayor of New Orleans, and the ACI Delmar L. Bloem Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to ACI Committee 224.

Michael Deane is vice president and chief sustainability officer at Turner Construction Company. His responsibilities at Turner include developing and implementing sustainable policy and training, green project setup, operational oversight, and sales. Deane brings to the table 20 years of construction management experience that includes K-12 schools, libraries, cultural institutions, and hospitality. 

A founding board member and past chair of the U.S. Green Building Council New York Chapter, Deane served on the USGBC National Board of Directors from 2005 through 2008 and continues to serve as an advisor to the New York Chapter.

Deane writes and speaks frequently about sustainability, in particular the builder’s role in delivering green buildings. He recently taught a graduate level course on Sustainability and LEED at Columbia University, from which he holds a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation.

Kevin MacDonald has served as vice president of engineering services at Cemstone since 2001, where he is responsible for the technical aspects of concrete, product development, and technology transfer. He is a licensed professional engineer in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada, and is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). His professional interests include the design and production of sustainable concrete materials.

MacDonald is a past chairman of ACI Committee 223, Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete, and vice-chairman of ACI Committee 306, Cold Weather Concreting. He is also a member of ACI’s Technical Activities Committee and ACI Committee 130, Sustainability of Concrete.

MacDonald earned a baccalaureate degree in chemical engineering, cum laude, from the University of Windsor, and a Master’s Degree and PhD in engineering materials from the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Aris Papadopoulos is CEO of Titan America, the U.S. subsidiary of Titan Cement Group, a heavy building materials company headquartered in Athens, Greece. He began his career with Titan in 1992 to develop its U.S. business, later becoming managing director of Titan Atlantic (its U.S. subsidiary) and CEO of its Roanoke Cement joint venture. In 2000, Titan Atlantic acquired Tarmac America and became Titan America. 

Prior to joining Titan, Papadopoulos held engineering and management positions in the power generation and petroleum industries at Thermo Electron and Aramco. He has 30 years industrial experience. 

Papadopoulos earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard. He serves on the Board of Directors of the CTL Group and is vice chairman of the Portland Cement Association, co-chairing its Sustainability and Communications committees.

Michael Paul is a senior consultant in the Philadelphia office of Duffield Associates, Inc., where he provides structural engineering on building, industrial, and civil engineering projects. With more than 30 years of construction and engineering experience, Paul's work with concrete has included troubleshooting, repair, restoration, and rehabilitation, in addition to the design of new structures. 

Paul is the chairman of ACI Committee 124, Concrete Aesthetics, and is a member of several other ACI, ASTM, and ASCE committees. He is also the coordinator for the Senior Design capstone course in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware, where he has served as structural instructor since 1997. 

Paul was proclaimed Engineer of the Year (2008) by ASCE Delaware Section. He received an MSCE and MArch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Dartmouth College.

Richard Stehly is the vice president of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and is a principal of American Engineering & Testing, Inc. A member of ACI since 1980, Stehly is a licensed civil engineer in Minnesota. For more than 25 years, he has taught soil engineering at community colleges in the Minneapolis area.

Named a Fellow of the Institute in 2000, Stehly has traveled to more than 25 countries on behalf of ACI, presenting lectures on various concrete topics to ACI chapter members.

Stehly received a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota. He worked as an intern at Twin City Testing, Minneapolis, while a college junior and was hired as a field engineer after graduation. He became project engineer, chief engineer, and eventually president of the firm. In 1988, he joined the Anchor Block Co., one of the few block makers using the autoclave process, as president. Stehly returned to the testing business by founding American Engineering & Testing with three others in December 1989. He also started American Petrographic Services in 1990. 

Wayne Trusty is president of the ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute and its U.S. affiliate, Athena Institute International. Trusty has almost 40 years of experience in such diverse fields as resource industry economics and policy, water resources, transportation, energy policy and markets, and regional development.

Trusty is also an Adjunct Associate Professor on the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design. He serves on the Board of the Green Building Initiative and is the chair of the technical committee established in the U.S. to take the Green Globes rating system through a full American National Standards Institute 
process. Additionally, Trusty serves on the Metrics and Life Cycle Assessment task force for CaGBC and, until recently, on the LEED Resources and Materials Technical Advisory Group in the U.S.


Founded in 1990, CAM is a charter association management company accredited by the American Society of Association Executives and a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Concrete Institute. U.S. Green Concrete Council was organized in 2009 to deliver quality resources on the built environment.